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Peter Lindbergh is a German photographer originally born in Poland in 1944. Extraordinary person who wrote the history with images, the iconic portrets of the most desirable models of 90’s: Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Amber Valetta, Christy Turlington, Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer… We could go on and on like that, but if you come across a black and white photo of a beautiful girl, looking kind of 90’s style – there’s a great chance that the men who took it is the hero of this week’s Fashion TBT.

Strong contrast, limited color palette and rough background, these are the integral elements of Lindbergh’s distinct, so easily recognizable photography. That’s the kind of consistence that Anna Wintour were looking for when she took over Vogue US, so she signed Peter and they shot together her first cover as a Creative Director – you probably know that once, since it was quite revolutionary. November 1998, Christian Lacroix richly ornamented jacket (a big cross on a chest) combined with… Guess jeans! Yes, that was the first time jeans appeared on the cover of Vogue (probably any fashion magazine whatsoever).

Peter Lindbergh’s pictures still evoke admiration and they don’t seem to have any best before date. There have been many albums released, gathering the work of Lindbergh’s life, the first of them being 10 Woman by Peter Lindbergh. We present it to you as a wonderful throwback to looseness and etherealness of an image…
20140226-184732.jpg 20140226-184744.jpg 20140226-184802.jpg 20140226-184813.jpg 20140226-184820.jpg 20140226-184828.jpg 20140226-184841.jpg 20140226-184849.jpg 20140226-184859.jpg 20140226-184906.jpg 20140226-184913.jpg 20140226-184921.jpg 20140226-184931.jpg 20140226-184947.jpg 20140226-184957.jpg 20140226-185004.jpg 20140226-185011.jpg 20140226-185017.jpg 20140226-185022.jpg 20140226-185028.jpg 20140226-185034.jpg 20140226-185044.jpg 20140226-185052.jpg 20140226-185056.jpg 20140226-185102.jpg 20140226-185110.jpg 20140226-185116.jpg 20140226-185123.jpg 20140226-185137.jpg 20140226-185142.jpg 20140226-185146.jpg 20140226-185150.jpg 20140226-185155.jpg 20140226-185203.jpg 20140226-185208.jpg 20140226-185212.jpg 20140226-185216.jpg

(All the photos are courtesy of http://www.peterlindbergh.com )