Brian De Carvalho

Brian De Carvalho is a women and gender-queer apparel brand known for its expertly handcrafted theatrical garments, largely concentrated on corset tops and corset dress designs. Each outfit is inspired by motifs from the 18th century – this theme is combined with contemporary narratives centred around ongoing queer issues to create beautiful one-of-a-kind statement pieces, each giving its own message and creating an elegant silhouette on the wearer. Started out as only a hobby, we look forward to seeing what the fashion label delivers next as they continue to make waves in the industry.

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July Li Studio

Founded by designer Zhexin (July) Li, this New York based fashion brand specialises in innovative knitwear designs. July Li Studio believes in the importance of freedom of expression – this is a theme heavily visualised in their designs, with no limits on the creative boundaries of the brand’s unique knitwear pieces, with abstract cutouts, asymmetric silhouettes and unlimited colour palettes. 

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Delta of Phoenix

Delta of Phoenix is a luxury, sustainable slow-fashion brand founded and run solely by Francesca Newman. It is her goal for the wearer to feel bold and confident, something not difficult to achieve in these beautifully eccentric pieces shouting out their individuality. With a dreamy colour palette, the sky’s the limit for this brand – from hot pinks to blacks to yellows, the expertly crafted sheer dresses from the AW22 collection have matching arm sleeves available to complete the look. 

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Sulk Knitwear

All pieces by Sulk Knitwear are lovingly handmade by British designer Sarah Beasley. Kicking off the label as only a project during the pandemic, Sulk Knitwear has grown hugely in popularity online and continues to gain traction every day. With custom creations available, Sarah leaves no limits to the creative experimentation inspiring each piece, resulting in an individualistic outcome with each design different from the next.

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A multidisciplinary fashion label, combines fashion with architecture to create abstract pieces crafted from unusual materials, such as the carbon fibre corset and wood bull denim skirt, and the concrete high heels with latex straps. A brand with innovative ideas like no other, sets the path ahead for futuristic, avant-garde thinking. 

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