I am very excited to present this multi blogger Kristina, she is one of the first bloggers on freshmess to share her first fashion film! Here is her introduction to all of us;

My name is Kristina. I am 19 years old. I live in a beachside city called Odessa on the South of Ukraine. I am a makeup artist, photographer and photo model. My main job is shooting for an online store.

I have been interested in fashion since high school. After lessons I would try to look through as many fashion magazines as possible. I was interested in the latest collections and the fashion world. And now that I have gotten older I am really passionate about fashion and blogging. I discovered blogging for myself through a friend who showed me some famous fashion bloggers and I decided to express myself this way.

It’s hard to answer about my favourite collaborations. All collaborations were a new step forward for me. And all were incredible. Maybe one of the most memorable was a collaboration for lingerie brand  called “Made by Niki”. And the most memorable experience I’ve had was when I made my first fashion video.

My aim is to make more fashion videos in my future collaborations.

For me it was like a little journey into the video world. I always wanted to try myself as an actress.  The main inspiration was music and I really enjoy it! It was incredible part of my shooting.

See more of her looks here.