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Love Playing Dressup is a lifestyle + fashion blog written by Neha Gandhi.

Neha Gandhi is based out of Boston but has strong roots in Bombay. Love Playing Dressup is an expression of the everyday woman – who loves to love, loves to play and loves to dressup. All this happens while she does her main job – as a wife, as a corporate professional, a daughter, sister, friend and so much more.

Having struggled with weight issues all through childhood and college-life, she understands the importance of little things that boost self-confidence. Dressing up being one of them. It is important to feel confident in your own skin and how you dressup plays a major role in that. Also through the blog, Neha wants to share that it does not matter what brand your clothes are from or how expensive they are – what matters is how you feel when you dressup and how well you carry yourself.

​Love Playing Dressup features style posts and shares shopping tips. Love Playing Dressup is also about dressing up your everyday lifestyle – adding a touch of glamour to everything you do, everything around you and making it a reflection of yourself. It aims at inspiring the busy woman to dressup for work, date nights and most importantly encourages to always spend a little time on themselves, no matter how crazy life gets.

Love Playing Dressup has been featured in Boston’s leading newspaper – The Boston Globe, on the American Eagle website and has many other publications. Neha has been featured as a guest blogger on other blogs and brand sites.

Neha started the blog with a vision to create a brand, a style, a story that people can relate to. Love Playing Dressup was started to inspire people to not feel guilty about spending time on themselves, inspire them bring style and glamour in their everyday life and feel like a million bucks without having to spend a fortune.


Check out more of her inspirational style at Love Playing Dress Up


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