Tamara is a very unique blogger. I came across her page and was blown away by her girly, feminine and chic style. Her style has got a great mixture of girly and casual that acts as great counter balances for each other.
I am happy to introduce her mini interview for our wonderful MESS readers. Lets keep it MESS-Y!
Who are you?
I am a creative soul that come up with an idea of opening a fashion blog one spring few years ago. That idea was really spontaneous and I never even thought it would turn out to be a job of my dreams.
A pharmacist by degree, but a fashion lover by default I started and continued doing this with my whole heart,
How did you start blogging?
I opened a blog on blogger at first, as really wantedit to be a little corner where I will talk to few girls around the world who share my passion. Never though there would be more than 1000 people following me, not to mention over 190 000 people I share this passion with now, daily.
what have been your best/favourite collaborations in the past?
I really enjoyed working with brands such as Clarins, Bally, Ferragamo, Chloe Parfums, Kenzo, Burberry and Printemps, Lacoste, Estee Lauder and many others.
Any future projects?
I am working on few fashion and beauty projects at the moment, but please do stay updated and check out my blog and instagram to find out more!
Check out her latest fashion and beauty projects here.
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