I had the fortunate luck to be presented with this aspiring trio design collective. Once I read their biography and got a glimpse of their first collection I had to know more about them and their brand. They use textiles in a way that is both graffiti casual and minimal chic. This combination is beautiful and especially with their co-ods will definitely have me adding this on to my christmas wish list!

And so I am happy to introduce to MESS readers; Edward Page, Maya Finkelstein Amrani and Louise Thompson aka Pocket London.


How & Why was Pocket London started?

Pocket was started with the premise of making something different to share with the generation we were born into. We realised that we were at an age at university, which wasn’t limited solely to getting a degree. We wanted to create something that captured the next generation. With hard work and trial and error. Where the brand sits now, does encapsulate everything we want it to.

Three words to describe your brand?

 Spirit of London

Why are you called Pocket London?

The word Pocket can mean many things. Our take on is though is, ‘A Pocket of People’ Or a community. We want to bring people together through our brand. If we can create our own Pocket over the next few years, then things are going to plan. We also feel a ‘Pocket’ is something personal to an individual. Our prints our personal to us, and therefore become personal to you.


What inspired this seasons trends?

We look at trends, and much of the amazing creative work is down to our Creative Director Maya Finkelstein Amrami. She lives, breathes, dreams print design. Our brand becomes completely unique the moment she adds her touch to it, she is a unique late. And as such we have our own style due to the prints she creates.

What are the important aspects of the design and manufacturing to you?

As I said Maya is hugely important to the design aspect, we want to create prints that are approachable and interesting. Furthering this, we want to make prints that are affordable. We have also taken pride in a high level of manufacturing that is all done in Portugal where they are renowned for quality.

What is the story behind Pocket London: why is it different?

We are different for many reasons. I think initially because two 22 year olds decided to embark on a challenge that was always going to be tough. I also believe we are different because we are looking to create artistic fashion, with a product that we truly believe it. We are not selling something meaningless; we want to start as we mean to go on. I think it has even taken us some time to work this out.

How do you plan to evolve and grow the brand in the near future, any exciting collaborations or projects planned?

We are looking to grow our online presence, and come the New Year, we shall be selling on some of the biggest e-commerce sites in the world, from China to Japan.

Sit tight, because the print is right, and we will ignite the fire within the cities burning desire.














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