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In order to capture such organic and natural imagery I believe you have to be in harmony with each other while photographing, how do you get along working as a team?

Growing up as sisters, we became super close and developed similar tastes and style. So naturally, we have the same vision when it comes to visual aesthetics that makes the process of working together feels effortless.

How was it to grow up together and who was the first to start photographing?

On one Christmas Eve, we got our first camera as a present from our mom back then when we were teenagers. We had to share the camera, funnily enough, it lead us to pick up the same hobby. We took pictures of everything from travel trips, friends, to self-portraits. Basically fooling around with cameras between those high school shenanigans.


Sally, what do you love about your sister?

Her sense of humor, social skills, and her lighter take on life. It balances out my anxieties.

Emily, what is the most annoying thing that your sister did?

Sally has this inability to wake up in the early mornings. She’s a night owl.

Emily, what is the best quality of your younger sister?

She’s an Aries, so I really value her courage, firmness, and good heart.


 I am lifted with your editorial “Legends” who was directing throughout the photo shoot?

Thanks! It was a fun shoot in Yogyakarta. For every shoots, both of us are equally involved in the whole process from pre to post production.

Do you divide tasks when working together?

Sometimes, as we are also each other’s assistant. So it is also one of the perks of working together, getting things done more efficiently. 

When it comes to the development of concept for the photo shoot where do you draw your inspiration?

Our greatest inspiration often comes from our personal lives and stories.


What equipment do you use, do you use film or digital?  

Both, depends on the project. Realistically speaking, we find ourselves using digitals more than film. The nature of the industry nowadays demands a quick preview of the results right after the shoot. But still, what we love about film is the element of surprise and how we are forced to be independent apart from the camera’s ability. Sometimes having limitations is a good thing.


Every photographer has its own style, do you believe that you have discovered your own and how would you describe it?

Finding personal style is a life-evolving journey. Be it music genres, clothing style, or even book preferences. People constantly develop and refine their style in time, and that is what we find very interesting about this process. For us, our photographic style is feminine with a little side of quirkiness and melancholy.

What made you choose Fashion photography among all other directions in this field?

The way photography speaks louder than words. It’s a medium for us to channel stories and issues that we can’t share by words. Moreover, we cherish our teamwork the most. There is nothing better than to be able to do your passion with the person you love.

If you could choose any collection to photograph, who’s it would be and why?

Ellery, Bassike, or Zimmermann. We find that Australians labels have a certain unfabricated character that we love.