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As the holiday season comes along, we drown ourselves in bright colours (especially since they don’t absorb additional heat, which is nice when the temperature gets a little bit too high…). But – God forbid! – baby blue and suny yellow are not the only interpretation of Spring/Summer season!

So who’s bringing that little darkness to the table? It’s the English dark child, Gareth Pugh. What’s the best way to describe what Pugh represents? It’s a cross of Alexander McQueen anxiety and John Galliano lunacy! When most designer choose a bright colour palette and light forms for their S/S collection (which we also love, by the way, please don’t ever stop), Gareth Pugh took wide shapes, heavy fabrics, huge fingy headdresses, broke it for a few silhouettes with turquoise and white items and – ta daa! He impudently presented that to the world as his S/S ready-to-wear creation. Well, I don’t really hear anyone complaining… What do you think about it?