The confines of lockdown have made TikTok inescapable this past year. Whether you are on the app or not, its bite-sized videos are unavoidable and addictive. With almost our million users in the UK, the app has quickly become a channel for self-expression, creativity, dance challenges and most importantly, a place to share personal style.

Gen-Z have created an increasing appetite for sustainable fashion. Up-cycling, hand-sewing, and thrifting have become the norm on a platform where creators can share their styles and offer fashion tips to users. Turning baggy old clothes into trendy two pieces, or a bedsheet into a pair of trousers are common practice on the app. Sustainable fashion brands and practices are championed by young people who promote a growing commitment to climate change. Brands like ‘andagainco’ promote zero-waste and advocate against fast fashion having rapidly built a following as a result. Making your clothes is becoming a crafty hobby, but above all is inspiring and educating young people in the pros of sustainable fashion.

The app is home to a supportive and inclusive community ethos where the combination of freedom, self-acceptance and authenticity has given rise to a whole new way to showcase fashion and diversity. TikTok celebrates fashion as an art form, putting a focus on users presenting their unique styles. Users can engage in a rich fusion of cultures with South Asian creators like Aurea Andrades who take inspiration from Bollywood films and desi culture in an east meets west collaboration. Keep an eye out for the seriously chic @brittany.xavier who has the wardrobe we all wish we could steal from and, @denisemercedes one of the most popular fashion influencers on the app embracing body positivity.

Filters, FaceTuning and photoshopped Instagram influencers are no more on the app that embraces a new kind of aesthetic. Content is usually unedited and unfiltered on the digital runways influencing millions. Nowadays, people turn to TikTok for style tips galore that have extended into the commercial world and seen the kickstart to many small businesses. Be it tie-dying your old hoodie, monochromatic outfits, the explosion of earth tones on-screen and in-store or even different ways to layer clothes and jewellery. A funnel for fashion where creatives can unleash a world of potential, TikTok is an app giving rise to an extraordinary vehicle of empowerment and sub-cultures.


Switched you know who to someone less gross xx inspo @andoej #style #highfashion

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Some trends to look out for include the latest #whatidwear challenge showing what users would wear to different fashion show events, scenarios or even as movie characters. Likewise, cool hacks like curling your hair with a robe tie are dominating the little screens. Top accounts to follow are @chrisellelim who is the “rich mom” we aspire to be and @nichole.ciotti who shares life-changing fashion and styling tips sure to change your game.

E-girls and boys are ones to watch. Think band tees, fishnets, and goth vibes in a cyber influenced style. Photoshoots in your local empty car park embody the comeback of Y2K  with baggy tees or cargo pants paired with the freshest sneakers to match. Lastly, even the pretty prairie dresses that make up the natural genre of cottagecore are just small parts of an app quickly embedding itself into the collective consciousness of our generation.

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