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He is a genius. I can always understand HIS language when I see Haute Couture or RTW by Jean Paul Gaultier. No matter if it’s RTW or Couture, it’s always perfect. He adds his own view of life & art, tastes and emotions in each show. I am in love with his fashion shows. They are full of life, models play their roles, some of them pose, others smile. Each smile is so different and full of energy. It feels like we are back to 80’s when we watch Jean Paul Gaultier fashion shows.

I think this collection is really special. I was surprised with the first catwalk (if you watch the fashion show again, you will understand what I mean) , but it does not matter. We all have problems sometimes, and when we fall, it’s better to fall on the runway rather than in reality. A beautiful fall is a good reason to discuss the show for the whole month. Specially, when model falls more than 3 times at once.

Now let’s talk about the collection which is so different, it starts with basic black suits and ends with grandiose evening dresses. Cochita does the final catwalk and nothing can be more perfect than her in the wedding dress. I fell in love with masks some models worn. A ball dress with a huge gold chain covering the skirt part was great. That’s what the real Haute Couture is about. Transparent cape with red sparkly underwear impressed my eyes. He uses absolutely different fabric and silhouettes. For example, Jean Paul combines fur with leather and it looks GREAT ! Main colour of the collection is black obviously. But we can see black in different shapes, shades, materials…

The collection is romantic. His women are French girls this season I guess.. Some of them do their catwalks holding cigarettes. They look independent, powerful, but still romantic and really, really beautiful.



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