“Small spaces discipline the mind, large ones weaken it!”

Leonardo Da Vinci


Mad Men star Vincent Karthreiser (aka Peter Campbell from the TV series) proves great minds only need 580 square foot to create a fascinating living space. Renouncing the celebrity big-ass-mansion norm, Karthreiser takes advantage of what he calls Japanese-industrial style to decorate his modest (at least by Hollywood standards) abode. While it’s more than refreshing to see a celebrity pull away from the splendour, his humble confines still hide a few surprises.


The cabin’s most intricate feature is the bed suspended on the ceiling with metal wires. Unlike a Murphy bed which would take up wall space, this unit leaves every inch of ‘the bedroom’ free and ready to be used as a functional living space. Even the headboard is multifunctional as it can be flipped and used as a desk or even a counter when the bed is lifted up.



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