Can you tell us more about your fashion brand, where does it originate from and how did you come about the name Starsica?

Ike Seungik Lee: I majored in Arts, Fine Arts as you know; specifically Sculpture. I also watched a lot of documentaries and I realized how important the international fashion industry is. So, I decided to move to New York to study Fashion. As for the names Starsica, it comes from the word “Star” and “Seeker”; like a fortune teller. Always looking for the unknown. To read signs or the star.

How would you describe your brand in three words?

Ike Seungik Lee: I would say classic/ modern, empowering and edgy. I create different designs and kinds of style every time. I work with other creative artistes. I think it is a great opportunity to try a different approach.

What is your creative process? When you start thinking of an idea you have, how do you bring it to reality?

Ike Seungik Lee: I can give you an example. For example, in this collection I started with one thing. Our beautiful memories have been manipulated by fake news created by mass media. We are never sure because our ideas are distorted. I focus on this kinds of details. I try to make a narrative with my design. The order of the shows are always guided by this kinds of narrative. Even though people are not aware of my brand and collection, when they see it they feel it. They can feel the difference.

What was the story behind the collection you showed in Belgrade Fashion Week?

Ike Seungik Lee: We were not sure of what audience to expect, we wanted to experiment. I was trying to communicate through a story. I thought about how to narrow down to the details by using accessories. It is a story about fake news and mass media. When I get into my work, I am always curious about what my identity is. We are constantly living our lives and sometimes we do not ask questions, sometimes we do. We are always in search of our identity. This collection is like a collection box, looking for memories and images from our childhood. Like an investigation in a crime scene.

What/ Who inspired or inspires you?

Ike Seungik Lee: Every time I have a different perspective. I am inspired by the British artist, Matthew. He figured out how to classify and categorize records. This collection is specifically about recreating my identity.

I know you are working on a new collection, can you tell us about it?

Ike Seungik Lee: The title of my upcoming collection is Starsica Night which comes from Arabian Night. They create music based on shapes. I am going to focus on Music, using the sounds of musical instrument to create shapes and designs. I will also be working with a lot of London Fashion designers. It is very interesting and weird because we come from different countries, cultures and tradition but are working together to create something new. It is important to understand that the different shapes are created by the instruments.

What do you think about the Belgrade Fashion show?

Ike Seungik Lee: We did not attend all the show so we cannot say or speak so much about it. But what I think is, they just want to watch a show, you know like an Opera. In London Fashion week, you can see they want to socialize. In terms of the theme, they are very supportive with the hair and style.

How did you end up in Belgrade?

Ike Seungik Lee: I was invited. They got in contact with the Korean Embassy and they sponsored me to come here to Belgrade. I am a part of this cultural demand.

Let’s talk about the future of your brand. Do you see your brand in the future going international or worldwide?

Ike Seungik Lee: I want to focus on the clothing itself. In the past or the previous collection, I spent more time creating the show, to make some issue. Now I have an audience, I want to show them different kinds of clothing. I try to focus on one plan. In this industry there is a lot, from creation, production, sales, finance. There is a lot involved and I am trying to find a great Agency or Fashion Company to sponsor me. All we need is just a good one with some fire.

This interviews are important to me because they create a platform for me to talk about my brand.

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