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The ability to see the invisible to one’s naked eye has been a dream. Throughout history, many inventions in technology have been created to open new perspectives and place the foundations of the world we know today. Those creations have been pushing people to think outside the box and explore the extents to which the technology will evolve and make it as compelling as possible. Connecting with the world digitally has become an undeniable necessity for people, and creating a thin line between what is real and what is not. One of the astounding advancements is Augmented Reality (AR), which combines virtual data with reality, allowing people to immerse in the imagination. But who used it better than Niantic, the company that changed the course of reality.

Remember 2016, the year when everyone was roaming around, hypnotised, trying to catch as many Pokemons as possible? Yes, I am talking about PokemonGo, and behind all of it is Niantic. It all started in 2010 when Niantic Labs was founded as a startup within Google, but by 2015 they became independent with a strong background. Since then, they have developed several AR games which are still breaking the records. Their AR games, apps give the possibility to make every corner of the world a playground.

Credit: Niantic

Nevertheless, Niantic Labs is growing and expanding steadily. They have formed a platform Niantic Lightship which is developing Augmented Reality, allowing other developers to participate. It is established for the metaverse, which recreates reality into a precise 3D version. The experience of the world in 3D will undoubtedly give a chance for mesmerizing experiences.

In addition to their AR achievements, Niantic is spreading awareness on sustainability and community. With their campaigns and partnerships, they tend to gather players, by educating them on being more eco-friendly and connecting with nature. Also, they are trying to bring people closer to one another, making long-lasting friendships, supporting each other in the toughest times, such as a pandemic.

Credit: Niantic

All in all, Niantic Labs has built steps towards the future that is awaiting us. Augmented Reality will be present in every sphere of our lives and not only in the gaming industry. Their way of developing apps does not make you a prisoner in your own little space, alone, but encourages you to go out, explore what the world has to offer. To meet others and notice what before would seem to be invisible.

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