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Early in 2020, while many tragic events occurred, an idea was starting to blossom into reality.
Kerby Jean-Raymond, the founder and fashion designer of Pyer Moss, approached the French
luxury conglomerate Kering to develop a platform called Your Friends in New York, which will become
a stepping stone for rising designers of colour.

In the beginning, not much was known about the project, nor much was talked about it either. It
grew silently, intending to guide and push forward to building up a name for small, independent
businesses. Kerby started a process of reshaping the fashion world and creating more space for
young designers. With the programme, emerging stars are educated and mentored on structuring
a brand, business, production and aided with sponsorships. But, what is also important is the
fact that they take care of designers’ health, that many take for granted during stressful and hectic

Credit: Ricardo Rivera/Hypebeast

Your Friends in New York is a project every city needs. It is about encouraging diversity, creativity
and not hiding the talents that are ought to be displayed in front of everyone. Representing freedom
and proudly removing obstacles on the way.

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