Google Glass is steadily hitting the market. With mixed opinions on the ‘product of the future’, Google Glass is what all technology geeks are dying to get there hands on, but high tech glasses doesn’t always mean stylish or fashionable.  However, to get these glasses on the fashion scene, with other brands such as Rayban, who are currently making frames for the device, Diane Von Furstenberg has also took on the challenge on designing her own pair for the market.

A range of frames will be released, including brightly coloured frames, sunglasses, and prescription glasses. The frames alone will cost from $120-$250, and will be sold in Net-a-Porter from 23rd June.

DVF is an ideal brand to release this new instalment for, and to work with, due to her past use of Google Glass at fashion week, and herself being chairman of CFDA. Not only that but would be a huge interest to the DVF consumer.

The question is, who will be the next collaboration?

preview Google Glass and DVF in action here

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