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Get the Balance Right

With the sports-luxe trend dominating the streets, it seems that trainers aren’t just restricted to the gym. Trainers by the Boston-based brand New Balance have been recently hailed the most stylish shoes of the moment by every fashion blogger around.

Trainers are very hard to argue against- they are comfortable, you can actually walk in them, and they add an almost playful charm; stars such as Rita Ora have been known to pair pretty dresses with the laid-back footwear and as a result, look girlishly cute with an added tomboy edge. New balance are definitely the champions of the trend, with celebrity fans Rihanna and Heidi Klum stepping out in style; not to mention the herds of front-row goers and fashion bloggers donning the sporty new style. Despite being around for years, New Balance has suddenly reached an almost iconic status. Online fashion distributers ASOS say it has now become the second most popular sports footwear brand behind Nike – its sales grew by a mighty 900 per cent last year.

Brandicted.com is a website where you can find all types, styles and colors of New Balance shoes. You can be sure that concrete model will fit your style and expectations. Variety of models will give you a choice of how you wanna look. Bring the street style flow to your life and pimp up your style! If you are a fan of bold colors that stand out from the crowd, choose classic red ones! CLICK HERE to see them! 

rednbWhen you like to wear more balanced colors such as grey. white or black, these ONES will add charm and elegance to your every day outfits. You can wear them when you go to school, date or walk! They will perfectly fit your feet and keep you feeling comfortable all day or night!


Emerald color is one of the hottest tones of green this season. If you’re fashion victim and you love to follow the trends, choose GREEN NEW BALANCES from Brandicted.com Bold green mixed with the neon violet color are one of the latest trends from runway! Spring 2014 is all about choosing the trends that fit you the most! You can wear them in variety of styles, from laid-back to elegant one. Pair it with suit or jacket and you will cause striking effects on the streets! If you want to achieve more casual style, wear them with a pair of jeans and white shirt! For more hipster style, wear some printed sweatshirt and loose pants with these New Balance shoes in bold color !



You can be sure that New Balance shoes will complete your outfit. Their universal appearance is highly accepted by community so everyone will be amazed by your look!

If you really want to liven up an outfit this season, it seems New Balance are the way to go. Backing from huge retailers such as Urban Outfitters, Jack Wills and ASOS to name but a few, leaves room for no excuses: get your trainers on. 

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