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They say trends come around every 30 years, but what sparks up a trend and when does it ‘fizzle’ out? At the moment, near most street style ‘fashionista’ looks like they just stepped off the set of ‘My So Called Life’.

Big question comes to my head, where did this 90’s trend start? 1990’s we’re the years of platform shoes (that’s if you want to be baby space), tattoo chokers and incredible hair styles. It’s been 14 years since the end of the 90’s decade, so why has the trend came around so early? The influences of stereotypes, mixed with the trickle-down effect from the catwalk has had huge impact on all fashion fanatics. Seems like everyone has now got the essential choker and high neck crop top in there wardrobe just to be labelled as ‘stylish’ on the street. The origins of the trend start from a mixture of iconic faces, who today are still in the high hills of being stylish individuals. Gwen Stefani, Spice Girls and Britney Spears in the 90’s showed dressing a ‘little crazy’ to fit your personality is how you get noticed. This means, if you like bindi’s and headwear then wear it, even if you are taking a small trip to the shops. With most young adults today and aspiring individuals actually growing up during the 90’s period, it’s no surprise this trend has been so popular throughout the industry this year.



Spice Girls / 1990’s

So is the 90’s trend still hot.. or not? With many individuals today dressing purely for self expression and not just to have the latest labels, the 90’s trend seems like an ideal trend to hop on to. It’s the opposite of looking ‘glam’ and about the weird and wonderful. With so many iconic stars in the period still in their hightime, it’s a cult which is easy to follow with wide range of inspiration. SS14 this year showed influences from the decade with Jonathan Saunders and the ‘Skater Chic’ and JW ANDERSON. Additionally Jeremy Scott for Moschino, the ‘Spongebob’ sets, it’s no wonder the young generation are wanting to relive their early years. Other trends which have hit the street stylers has also influences the decade to relive itself, such as sports lux.

Additionally with social media connecting millions, hotspots like Tumblr have been a huge impact on the trend. With creative, ‘wacky’, hipster individuals being the main presumption for the Tumblr social world, it’s no surprise the trend has inspired thousands through sharing outfits and images online.

But how long can this trend keep up? With being a big influence on the high street all summer such as in Topshop, and A/W collections are coming in, does this trend have potential to carry on? It seems so, only because of the idea of ‘standing out’. We all have the desire to be different, and to have our own little world of style. However with everyone wanting to join that train, it makes me think, are we all just clones of each?  90’s inspired pieces like chokers, and crazy hair not so individual at all?

The trend with inspiration of designers, has the roots and beginnings of fashionista’s wanting to be different. After all, most typical style’s put into identities/sterotypes. However it feels at this time everyone is listed the same. You can’t go down a street in London without seeing a someone in a Tattoo choker, or step into a high street store and not seeing a ribbed crop top. With SO many people who have jumped on board, it’s lost it’s individual touch and that 90’s fashion is now not exciting to see on someone. With 2014 coming down to it’s last few months, we are hoping to see this trend fizzle out, or at-least regain it’s individual attitude.



Tattoo Choker / credit: whatthehellz


Overall the trend has fully out-done itself, which shows it’s a sign for change and that we need to see something fresh hit the street. With A/W collections just coming into stores and SS15 on it’s way, who knows what trend we’ll be up again next. Maybe say bye to chokers for now and hello to winter warm scarves, or atleast something as ‘edgy’.

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