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Do you believe that men and women are just the same or almost the same? You are wrong – that’s a pretty strong reality that nobody can’t deny. Men and women are different because their brain structure is different, but also because their bodies are designed in a completely different way.

The difference between the two sexes can be noticed even in babies. Male babies tend to focus more on movements and especially on moving objects, while female babies tend to focus their attention on details like colors, shape, size of the objects they have around. This simple difference reveals how the male and female brains are naturally and strongly different. As the babies grow, such differences will remain and show off even more evidently.

Important Brain Differences That You Didn’t Know

According to important studies, males and females are completely different in the way their brains work and perceive the world around them. We want to give you some pieces of evidence about these huge differences to prove to you that males and females will never be the same:

  1. Communication
    Women excel in verbal communication better than men. Why? Because the verbal production in the female brain is widely developed, more than in the male brain. So, females can read and write better and more quickly than almost all men.
  2. Motor coordination
    This is a typical male skill. Men turn out to be averagely more skilled in fine-motor movements and coordination. Besides, men can perceive speed better than women. That’s because since their first days of life males tend to focus more on objects in physical movement rather than on the details of those objects.
  3. Women are prudent and thinkingParis Hilton is gambling
    Women tend to reflect deeper and longer than average men, no matter what it is. Before making a decision, women spend more time considering all the pros and cons, while men seem to be more impulsive. Even when gambling, women tend to place smaller bets than men. Also, female gamblers are more likely to look for strategies to win more often rather than taking action straight away. If you are interested in learning more on this aspect, you may want to read more on casinoelarab.com, an emerging gambling resource for not only Arab gamblers but for everyone who is passionate about casino games.
  4. Visuospatial skills
    Another typical male-brained skill. Men are averagely more skilled in visual memory and spatial orienting. Men can visualize complicated 3-dimensional items moving in the space better than women. Men can identify the track of items moving in the space faster than women.
  5. Women experience depression more often
    Due to the structure of the female brain, women are subject to experience depression twice as likely as men. Depression is also due to specific hormones released by the brain. So, a different brain is responsible to different hormones released in the body.
  6. Men develop alcohol and drug addiction more often
    On the other hand, men tend to develop an addiction to drugs and alcohol more often than women. Again, the tendency to develop an addiction depends on the perception of themselves and the world through the brain and its structure.
  7. Men are more powerful and women are more resistant
    It’s not a mystery that the male muscle mass is more developed than the female one. Men have bigger muscles resulting in more power. On the contrary, the female body is more resistant to hunger, thirst, pain. Consider that a man could hardly survive the labor pain.
  8. Brain sizeNeurosciences
    Studies about the brain reveal that men have a bigger brain, while women’s hippocampus is larger than men’s. Besides the female hippocampus work differently in the two sexes. The male amygdala (which is responsible for emotions and past experiences) is bigger than the female one.
  9. Hearing skill
    Women can hear sounds during sleep better than men. This is functional to their role as moms: when a baby cries in the night, the mom is the one who has to provide the baby the needed care.
  10. Emotional memories
    While women retain more vivid and stronger memories of emotions, men seem to recall past emotions hardly. Women experience emotions more intensely than men because their brain is more involved in the emotional process than men.

Most of these cognitive and behavioral differences appear during the first days of life, but they become even more evident through growth. Behavioral differences are also due to cultural issues and community habits, but usually, men are destined to fight for the territory while women are designed to take care of the family.

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