M&S have released yet another campaign starring some of the most empowering woman of the moment. For 2014’s new lines, M&S have got models together such as Rita Ora,  Alek Wek, Emma Thompson, Lulu Kennedy, Annie Lennox, Rachel Khoo, Doreen Lawrence and Roma Agrawal to take on a whole new concept of new outstanding garments warn in the fresh countryside, unlike last year’s campaign  basic studio theme. Shot by Annie Leibovitiz who also worked for last years campaign, features the models wearing Belinda Earlis second collection for the brand. However, due to decline in sales for the brand and a struggle the past two years, with the questions of, ‘who is they’re target customer’, ‘who are they reaching out to?’ I feel these questions are going to make another appearance, due to the wide age range and type of woman in the advert.  Understanding that M&S are wanting to reach out to real woman, it’s unclear on who they are really targeting at overall, which is affecting the brand. However, the advert I feel is still a fresh concept, and something appealing to see in the fashion campaigns of today, bringing role models for all woman together.

Overall the countryside theme is perfect for the British summer have a ahead, and is true to the brands home heritage of the brand. The collection I feel is a huge high street must, and the choice in models, are all in the time, and can be a desire to many UK woman, but is this campaign going to lift M&S’s sales back up?




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