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Paris Fashion Week is always one of the most anticipated events in everyone’s fashion diary, with some of the biggest designer names in the world presenting their new collections for our hungry eyes to watch. But, with the late Karl Lagerfeld missing his two last ever shows for Fendi and Chanel, it has been a particularly emotional time for fashion lovers everywhere, as people’s respects flooded the news, social media and of course, the runways.

Chanel’s show had everyone fall silent to pay tribute to Lagerfeld’s exquisite talent and art forms. It was an angelic show that had most of us in tears, as we were overcome by his final runway, that is sure to go down in history.

We also saw some upcoming trends that we’re falling head over heels over; the teeny tiny bag took everyone by storm and is already proving to be a huge hit, as Jacquemus showed us the smallest handbags we’ve ever seen. We’re not sure what we can put in it yet – perhaps coin or two? – but we’re in desperate need of one of the most useless trends ever. That’s a compliment by the way…


Balmain is bringing grunge couture back, and we’re always here for the designer’s signature look that will never get old. Balmain always stays true to its trademark style, yet Oliver Rousteing does well to refresh it, so it stays of its time. And yes, we love those chain Alice bands.

Judging by Givenchy’s runway, which served us clean cuts and classic shapes, the padded shoulder style is not slowing down. The trend has only scratched the surface this year and is set to become huge for the seasons to come.

Green was everywhere in Paris this fashion week. From sage to emerald to lime, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and (especially) Off-White are just some of the big names who are taking the shades-of-green trend to a new level.

Miu Miu showed us that sweet, prairie dresses are at their best when they’re in the form of mesh. Valentino and Christian Dior proved that tulle dresses and frills are continuing to be a big-hit trend these upcoming seasons. Loewe gave us all things feathered, which we’re definitely going to be wearing no matter how itchy they might get.

It was an exciting week for fashion week lovers and goers, and we’re seeing some amazing talent and staple clothing pieces coming our way. We’re thrilled to know that we’ll be in head-to-toe green with some feathered embellishment, not to mention a little bit of mesh here and there. Bring on the Autumn/Winter 19 lines already, because we’re ready for it and we want it now!


Writer: Magda Kaczmarska | Instagram: _magda__

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