Another article about weight and all the bullshit that comes with it…

Let’s get something straight: I am not a nutritionist, fitness enthusiast or weight specialist. I am however, someone who has a body and strong opinions about why today’s society has a big issue with body image, which is why I am voicing it in the article below. Proceed with caution.

I am somebody who enjoys food. I take pleasure in the whole process: choosing, ordering and consuming. A lot of my social life revolves around food, sometimes indirectly. My friends are like a fortune wheel, they have completely different tastes and lifestyles when it comes to food. Anything ranging from vegans to straight up carnivores, this gives me great access to diverse restaurants, cuisines and adds ‘spice’ to my palette. Nevertheless, I am tired of being judged by strangers on the amount of food I consume. Yes, Mohammed from Tesco, I am aware that I am purchasing six tubs of Ben&Jerry’s ice cream, it is not as if I would rush home and open all of them simultaneously and roll around naked whilst listening to Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie. I like stocking up my fridge and being prepared for any situation: guests over, a break up or a marathon of Game of Thrones.

I have to admit, when I was younger I would obsess over the number on the scale. I would weigh myself religiously. Every. Single. Day. If I saw the slightest change in my weight, I would resort to extreme measures, like, not eating for a day. I would look at pictures of food on the internet and try to satisfy my hunger. Do you realise how ridiculous that is?! Looking up food and feeding myself through google images… I was miserable, but I would be complimented on how skinny I looked, which kept me from eating. Instead of focusing on what was being taught in class, all I could concentrate on was fantasising about all the food I would eat if I didn’t gain weight from it.

With eating disorders being more common than owning an iPhone these days (that should be saying something), we need to concentrate on educating ourselves and each other on why it is so important to be healthy rather than being a size zero. I believe if you feel great, you look great.

Another thing that disturbs me, is the constant judgement and involvement in other people’s business. The many stereotypes a certain group of people face on a daily basis. If it is unacceptable to make a remark about race or sexuality, why is it easier to get away with a comment about someone’s weight? Believe me, you may not feel like what you are saying is offensive, but chances are, it is. So instead of commenting on how many servings Bob had for lunch, eat your kale and be quiet.


It’s offensive and its unacceptable, and no one should be apologetic about they way they look or what they eat. Because guess what, it doesn’t concern anyone else except that individual.

In no way am I promoting the fast food industry and telling you to stuff your face with cheeseburgers and pizza. No, I am telling you to indulge once in a while, have that slice of cake at your friends birthday party. Keep in mind that no one else is in control of what you put in your mouth or your workout regimen. I used to hate exercising, because of the way it was forced upon me. We are all familiar with the cruelty of P.E, however I began to love being outdoors and being active once I found what I actually enjoyed doing. Hiking, swimming and walking are the holy grail for me. In fact, I do not even consider it ‘exercising’ because I associate that word with bootcamp and the army (I am known to be overdramatic). I genuinely enjoy doing those things, they make me happy- something I never thought i’d say about a physical activity.

And if you still feel like a lazy shit, find the motivation you need to get started. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’re familiar with Dj Khaled and his #VeganChallenge. If Dj Khaled can do it, so can you….



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