So it’s been another year at one of UK’s biggest festivals, Reading & Leeds. With having Nirvana’s very last sets in the past under there belt in 1992, and unforgettable performances from Muse, Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian and Foo Fighters in the past few years, it was no surprise this year’s lineup was a ‘sold-out show’.

This year, we had headliners of Queens of the Stoneage, Arctic Monkeys and Blink 182. With fans all around the country, each headliner had the potential to bring in thousands to make it one of the biggest festivals of the season.

To end the weekend, Blink 182 finished with they’re set which was highly awaited for by the Reading crowd. With an intense half an hour wait before the show, I could feel the excitement of everyone around me. A curtain was lifted and a countdown begun.

Dropping the curtain to some upbeat ‘pop’ beat and starting the show with Feeling This, which was lead on by one of their biggest hits ‘What’s My Age Again?’ they knew just how to get the crowd going. Keeping with the greatest hits the set showed everyones true ‘inner-fan girl’ for the band.

Lights, colours, and explosions of the confetti the show was full of energy throughout with a setlist of Up All Night, Down, I Miss You, Always, Stay Together For The Kids, First Date and other greatest hits. They even had the time to squeeze in the Misfits cover of Hybrid Moments. Additionally, they also played Man Overboard with the ‘new and improved’ lyrics aimed at Justin Bieber.

A Blink 182 show isn’t over until Travis Barker (drummer) takes on his solo and his talent. With a pause in the set, potentially ‘ending the show’, Blink came back on with Travis playing a 5 minute solo drumming set, which also lead to a Mark Hoppus drum solo.

The show was full of energy and was about reliving your childhood band, ending a fantastic pumped weekend. The end headliner couldn’t of been filled by anyone else, gathering in a crowd of 90,000 people to the festival that day and thousands to watch on TV.

Want a peak? Watch BLINK-182 perform ‘Al lThe Small Things’ here




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