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Issue Four is coming out 25th August and we accept photography submissions for both online and in print publications.

You’re passionate internationally published photographer or newbie who wants to promote your work?

Feel free to submit your editorial to Mess Magazine with title and full credit list for all clothing/accessories used.

For Online publication in #FRESHMESS on our website – please submit images not greater than 8MB, preferably jpeg format.

For Issue Four Publication – TIFF format, HR, greater than 300 dpi images.

We provide Style/Pull letters for the shoot, however we do not guarantee the publishing of your editorial. We will make the final decision after the post-production process. Decisions are based on the quality of submission and space available in the magazine. The issue that your editorial will be published in may also be subject to change.

Submission deadline for ISSUE FOUR is 15th August!

If you’re writer or blogger and you’d like to get your articles.reviews/style posts featured in Issue Four of Mess Magazine, submit examples of your work to media@messmag.com and get a chance to be featured!

Additional Information:

Unfortunately we do not supply free copies of the magazine. This is simply because of printing cost. However we will happily provide links to the PDF format or information of where the magazine can be purchased.Submission 3

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