Die Antwoord – ZEF trio from South Africa performed in Torwar, Warsaw last week. For all fans of this rap-rave group, the concert was the only chance to see (and hear!) this non-commercial formation.

For all of the fans that have been waiting for the concert all year, dressed in bright, neon clothing Yolandi, Ninja and DJ hi Tek have prepared 90-minutes-long live performance that definitely can be noted as their best concert in Poland.

ZEF style trio had already performed in Poland two times before, but this time the performance was very special, because of two things:

1. The place – the concert was carried from cosy SoHo Factory to Torwar, a big arena with enormous hall and few thousands place to sit.

2. Amazing supporting artists – Mister D and Dub Fx that really made that evening unforgettable experience.

The greatness of Die Antwoord’s tracks has made them one of the most recognizable groups in the past few years. Although, the group is relatively young (formed in 2010), the infamous trio has hit the world and Web with fast-paced, electronic hits such as ‘Baby’s on Fire’, ‘ I Fink U Freeky’ or ‘Enter the Ninja’. Diversity of their sound is the ultimate prove that they mix all of the music genres – from techno beats to rap.


See short videos below recorded by Mess Magazine’s contributors.