Domi Perek announced the launch of a 2022 digital clothing collection in collaboration with FFFACE.ME, an award-winning Metamarketing Agency that is yet to fail to impress audiences with its augmented reality filters, digital clothing, and Metaverse projects allowing brands to bring digital fashion to the mainstream in a sustainable, stylish way. 

Trying on clothes will no longer be considered a chore with the AR filters collection created by Domi Perek and FFFACE.ME allowing people to not only try on clothing, but also to create original content of themselves whenever and wherever with a simple click. 

Domi Perek, a co-founder of Forbes-listed Mess Magazine, collaborated creatively on developing the one-of-a-kind digital collection with FFFACE.ME. Perek, listed in 2021’s Forbes 30 under 30 continues to make a swaying effect on the fashion industry through not only her work on several fashion projects worldwide but her distinctive personal style featuring in Vogue, Vogue UK and WWD. 

So what makes this so important and why now? “Digital fashion seems like a solution for both brands and influencers to create and launch collections within days instead of months – allowing the fashion industry to remain a fast-paced environment, yet incorporate sustainability as its core belief”. Domi Perek says.

It was Perek’s “personal struggle as an artist and sustainable publication founder to keep things fun, experimental and  creative with styling” which inspired the creation of a line which “would not contribute to creating more waste and exploitation in the industry”. 

Perek has found a way to adapt to the many changes the fashion industry is undergoing as a result of the rise of technology, a rise that has significantly impacted the way consumers now think and behave towards fashion trends and appearances. Acknowledging consumers are no longer wanting to simply buy fashion products, but wanting to interact and influence the brands they choose to buy from, Perek’s digital collection empowers consumers with the chance to do exactly that. Both visually aesthetic and adjustable, it’s the ideal collection designed for one of the critical functions of present day fashion – content creation. 

“This collection is a perfect visualization of opportunities that digital fashion gives”.

In witness also to a rapidly changing fashion market, Dmytro Kornilov, FFFACE.ME CEO says “the MetaHoodie and MetaPanama showcase how digital fashion can help rapidly react to actual social topics and memes, which is essential for clothing virality. After just one day since opening the snapchat lenses FFACE.ME has seen the MetaSuit become a popular item with more than 1500 people trying and sharing among their stories. It is clear that a black full-body suit is a demanding thing people want. Dmytro Kornilov, FFFACE.ME CEO: 

”We’re proud to create a digital fashion drop with one of the brightest industry individuals Domi Perek, who made the whole thing meaningful in all dimensions.”  

On the whole, the collaboration explores how fashion can exist not only in the present but the distant future. As the fleeting influencer culture of millennials continues to grow, Domi Perek’s collection gives the opportunity for personal expression to be achieved through the consumption of immaterial fashion. The collection has gained over 400k views before the official drop and, with more than 1500 users trying and sharing the most popular Metasuit Snapchat lens after one day of release, it is clear that a full AR bodysuit is something people want.

“I am happy to collaborate with on my first digital fashion collection being launched on Snapchat to digitally impact interactions of thousands of people out there”. All fashion enthusiasts can try and style the digital collection on the social media platforms Snapchat and Instagram now.

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