As a part of Berlin Fashion Week, Fashion Open Studio presented a series of exhibitions, talks, short films and highlighting 15 designers that gave an insight into their approaches to solving challenges in the fashion industry. The event was arranged around sustainability and the importance of how to finally put the theory into practice. It changed the perspective on fashion, creativity and exploration. The talks were crucial exchanging many great ideas and knowledge on the fashion industry and its impact on the world. The programme was held at Superconscious Berlin, Pool Berlin and MBFW.

Fashion Open Studio Berlin – Product and Purpose

The designers opened their studios and presented the creative drive behind their brands. The line-up consisted of participation by AMESH, Anekdot, Become A-Ware, Catalogue of Disguise, CHURCH OF THE HAND, Emeka, Ivy & Oak, Joao Maraschin, Melisa Minca, Patrick McDowell, Rafael Kouto, Renata Brenha, Studio.fbx and Vladimir Karaalev. The public had the opportunity to get to know what is hidden behind every creation, design and process from the paper to reality.

Emeka Suits (Hannes Stolpe)
Ivy Oak Spring Summer 2022
Patrick McDowell (AAron Bird)
Vladimir Karaleev (Maximilian Semlinger)

Numerous workshops and talks demonstrated the usage of renewable resources that are promoting a sustainable lifestyle, putting people and the planet in the first place and tightening community bonds. In addition, the discussions highlighted our power of controlling the direction in which our world is headed and how every piece of clothing has an unlimited value.  A director, Sabrina Hubert, showcased a series of short films that tackle the complex issues in the industry in the most expressive way.

Orsola de Castro, creative director and co-founder of Fashion Revolution said: “It is always inspiring to have the opportunity to have a conversation with committed and innovative designers, even more so to facilitate them in showing their work, and their solutions. At Fashion Open Studio we are proud to be in such a privileged position, and to have such an amazing cohort of designers in our midst.”

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