Blogger Atsuna Matsui, is taking the fashion blogging community by storm.With a interest in visual arts from a young age, her blog is exploding with creativity and style, inspiring her readers everyday. We caught up with Atsuna to hear about her fashion no-no’s, style and trends.


What is your favourite collection from Fashion Week AW15 and why?

I loved Topshop Unique Collection. All the textures were amazing from thick chunky wool to smooth suede and the natural flushed look for the makeup complemented the color palette of the clothes so well.

Your current obsession at the moment?

 My current obsession at the moment are funky sunglasses. I’ve been enjoying trying out various types of sunglasses with different frame shapes and lens colors and they make great statement pieces that make any outfit look more retro and playful.

What is one item of clothing you can’t live without?

 One item of clothing that I can’t live without would probably be a black designer handbag. The quality of a designer handbag ensures that it’ll last a lifetime and they instantly polish any outfit you’re wearing. Also, black is a versatile color, so you can pair your handbag with almost any look. For several years now, my go-to handbag has been my black Balenciaga Classic City.

Anything on your wishlist right now?

The black Chanel quilted bag and the Sony A7R II camera

What is your biggest fashion no-no?

I actually don’t have a fashion no-no… I put more importance on how you feel with what you wear. Chances are you might grow tired of what you wore a year ago, or you might even think some of the outfits you wore in the past looked atrocious, but it’s the confidence you had wearing in them that counts. We all adapt to what’s trending and dress for our age group so how we style our clothes will evolve as the years go by.

What is that one item everyone needs in their wardrobe?

One item that every woman needs in their wardrobe is a strapless nude bra that color matches perfectly with their skin tone. In fact, when you find the perfect pair, I suggest purchasing several of them in your size.

Explain your style in 3 words?

Whimsical, light-hearted, demure

What does blogging and styling mean to you?

 Growing up, I always had an affinity for the visual arts and fashion blogging is one of my creative outlets to make art on a habitual basis. I want to translate my eye for design into an everyday form of art. Styling for my personal blog has been a gateway for me to experiment with fashion and enlightened me to see fashion as an art form in itself, as oppose to letting it define who I am.


Personality in 9 words:

curious, whimsical, demure sensitive, unprejudiced, quirky, light-hearted, demure, meek, coy

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