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who are you?

I’m Anita Kurkach, fashion and youtube blogger, singer – songwritter, also i am working as a stylist in various projects. 
In this year I finished university studies and now I’m qualified psychologist, It’s seems like I try to develop in different areas, but whole my life is
about music and fashion. 

how would you describe your style in 3 words? There is a great frase wich i always say whan people ask me about my style: “i aspire to inspire and to be inspired”.
So probably its inspiring, unique, comfortable.

how did you start blogging?

Whan i was at school, it was important for me to show my personality, so I always did it with my clothes. I grew up in a country (Belarus) where we have a few bloggers and virtually no one even knew what it’s mean “blogger”, many still do not know, but once I saw on the Internet Swedish blogs, how girls show there lookbook and other stuff, write about there lifes, and its inspired me to create my own blog, create my lookbook page and i was really happy to see that people love my style or i can inspire someone! It’s really amazing!

what have been your best/favourite collaborations in the past?

Every collaborations for me means a lot. Probably the most important for me was the first cooperation with asos, unif, a lot of korean designers (i am crazy about korean fashion, by the way). 

When I was in school I loved the magazine Ellie Girl, It was my favorite, can you imagine how happy I was when one day I saw my pictures in this magazine. Now Im working with many magazines and all of them are very important for me!

any future projects?

Now I’m busy working on my blog, youtube channel, and my own project “STYLE ME” by Anita Kurkach. This is a project in which I transform people (create new style for them, new hairstyle, make up and other thing). This is what a love the most and after my work im so happy to see smile on the face of a woman who had not smiled a long time before. Also i have a project which is not related to fashion, but makes me happy everyday. Last year I went with a team of guys in India, It was a volunteer trip, we were in the poorest areas of India, helped the children and adults, we began construction a school  for them. You know when you see childrens who do not need a new iPhone or a new dress, all they need is love love love, its really change youre heart, so we planed come back to india and make as much work as we can to do for this amazing people.


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