Photographer: Kumar Gurung

Her edgy, quriky and experimental fashion sense caught my eye!

When I asked Dipa how she would describe herself, a basic question of who she was, she gave me a perfect answer.

“I am a weird creature who enjoys bizarre things, especially in fashion.”

This self description helps her stand out. It is simple, it is unique and it is most definitely quirky!

She tries to find inspiration through movies, music and art. Anything that is creative and can be taken further through fashion. Dipa gets inspired easily because she feels everything has depth and a story behind them to explore. This sort of curiosity, in different areas, is expressed through her quirky fashion combinations; “It’s appealing and inspiring when I see people put their own personality to their style.”

Her current style muse is Margaret Zhang of Shine by Three.

I share Dipa’s same curiosity for the story behind everything so when I asked her how she got into blogging she gave me another perfect answer. I want to share it start from her;

The reason I wanted to start blogging is because I always had a vision and I wanted to share it. As fashion has always been an integral part of my life I decided to merge these two aspects and create a fashion blog. Blogging for me is a form of public diary; I share myself with the world and watch myself grow as it helps me define part of who I am. I wanted to start a blog ages ago but I was too paranoid thinking about people and their opinions. But who cares, right? It’s better to hear what people might have to say rather than living in regret and thinking what if.

Since I started blogging, I have learned a lot of things and gained interest in many creative fields. I enjoy show chasing my illustration and photography in my blog. I believe that style is a form of art. It may appeal to some people and others may not understand but it has the power to change ones attitudes and opinions.

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