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Her fresh and alternative style has a young and spirited feel. Her bubbly personality and style radiate through her mini interview and her photography.
Here is her self introduction so you can feel her personality as much as I have!
Hello. My name is Elle-May Leckenby! I am 21 years old and I have a photography / personal style / lifestyle blog 🙂
I am from the Sunshine Coast of Australia, but I have just moved to the Gold Coast! I am addicted to artsy films, riding my bike, swimming at dusk and, of course, chocolate!!
How would you describe your style in 3 words?
Experimental, neutral,  draping
Who are you?
A very imaginative person
why or how did you get into blogging?
I started because I would always take self portraits, because I always looked up to a bunch of creative photographers on flickr. Then I decided to photograph my outfits too and put them online!
who or what inspires you and your style?
Good films, music, different personalities, my mood / phase of life
What have been your best past projects/collaborations?
Ooh that’s hard, I feel like my life is one big endless fun collaboration. Honestly I have had soo many amazing ones. I really have loved making fashion videos. One I did with my best friend (who is a videographer) for a London based leather bag brand called Beara Beara! We did it in the country side of Oxfordshire and then the streets of London city. It was so much fun, and then I loved collaborating with LEKKER bikes too! They always allow me to be so creative and I love using their bikes, they make any picture look amazing!
Any exciting future projects/collaborations? 
Yes! I am working with some bigger commercial brands now which I am making video tutorials/ hauls which I have really been loving! Also more Bike pictures to be taken, I am excited for this year!!
Check out her blog here.

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