Seems like equality between the male and female genders is a huge talking point in the media, industry, amongst celebrities and within society. With Emma Watson making a stand for woman to stop the negative reputation of feminism at the end 2014 and the FreeTheNipple campaign, allowing woman to expose themselves equally to men, seems like the question of ‘are we all equal?’ is making a huge impact in our lives, emotionally and through the media.


For AW15, it’s clear the current talk has had a impact on fashion. Rick Owens, Acne, and Saint Laurent AW15 menswear are some of many examples of gender equality. Additionally, woman’s beauty trends have also hit the appearance of menswear on the catwalk such as Alexander McQueen AW15.

With womanswear being shook up these past couple of years, with the masculine look being a must have and popular style to the catwalk, it’s only matter of time men are shown a more feminine side.


‘Gender equality’ motif scarves, leggings and layers on layers, mixed a bit of a ‘Football fan’ attitude. Acne make a clear stand of gender equality for men, combining it all with dangle earrings and make-up.

Saint Laurent – AW15

Modern meeting the 80’s rockstar. Tight trousers, pointed boots, heels, and a whole lot of attitude.

Rick Owens – AW15

The exposer of woman is a on going subject. A main reason of feminism is caused by this. However, for Rick Owens AW15 menswear the tables are turned. Short cuts and dresses, his controversial collection has created talk all over the media.

We are looking forward to see what else is to come this year for menswear in 2015. Is this the start of a new trend?

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