I have made it my mini  mission to find the elusive male fashionista bloggers and bring them to the fore front!
There aren’t many male fashion bloggers that can capture the fashion inspiration for both men and women. But Faissal is one of them. Here is his introduction about himself, his style and his projects.

I am Faissal Yartaa. A 24 year old photography,model and blogger from Laayoune, Morocco. Fashion and photography are my two greatest passions in life. I have lots of projects in both right now. The photography projects are secrets for the moment, but the fashion projects contains some styling jobs, and yeah you name it…I love it! I love pop [music] . 
Blogging is also a great interest! I am grateful that I started my blog a three years and a half ago because it has given me so much. I love life and I’m looking forward to the future.

 I’d definitely say that the best way to describe my personal style is: versatile. I hate conforming to a specific style because I’m always open to stepping out of my comfort zone and switching up my looks. I have so many different pieces in my wardrobe and I love mixing and matching to create different outfits with some of the same pieces. I can’t say that I chose to adopt a versatile style, because I’m naturally attracted to various looks and concepts. Instead, I choose not only to wear things with looks that are restricting or that fit under a specific umbrella, such as ootd, casual, chic etc. I have rocked everything from shoes and ties to dapper and leather. I have a weakness for loafers, leather, blazers, booties, kicks and satchels. I shop at various retailers that offer quality for affordable prices. But, of course, sometimes I splurge on things that I absolutely can’t live without.
 My best collaboration with a brand is TOPMAN. Because it’s the only one i feel understands my [fashion] choices.
We make fashion not fashion who make us , so create your own style and let people say wow.
Inspiration are something important to post and my blog are my world so there’s a relation between me and blog and inspiration
 Love of people and their messages always makes me strong. The colors of this beautiful world makes me inspired and create new colored look. These reasons keep me going!
Check out the more of his versatile style here.

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