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The Wee Blondie caught my eye with her use of signature pieces and minimalistic quality. This British fashion blogger has a keen eye for quirky pieces and giving them a classic turn on them.

Jude is a fashion blogger from outside Glasgow and is now currently in Aberdeen.

She takes her style inspiration from other bloggers such as She Wears Fashion an in TheFrow as well as celebrities such as the Oslen twins, Olivia Palmora and Rachel Zoe.

Jude started The Wee Blondie  because of her love for fashion and her signature style. She wanted to express her fashion in a way that people could relate to and comment on.

Jude has had collaborations with Rootflage and the huge fashion forward company ASOS! ASOS gave Jude the choice of any outfit in the wedding section as part of their #weddingwow campaign on their site and Instagram and Jude contributed by wearing a beautiful pastel patchwork dress (can be seen at the end of this post!)

Rootflage is a dry shampoo for blonde hair. Blondies can use it to hide roots in between dyes and she was sent this product for a blog review!

Check out the rest of her outfits and product reviews at http://www.theweeblondie.com





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