My name is Kiko Cagayat. I am 25 years old living in Gunma, Japan. I am interested in fashion photography, smart advertisement, old structures and the arts.
It’s pretty awkward for me to say that I am not really into blogging. I don’t enjoy typing a lot and telling stories. I love to express myself through pictures and I am really picky with that. Just like what they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.
With my fashion style, it depends on the event. Most of the times, I wear monochromatic normcore outfit and I like wearing military when it comes to formal occasions.
Who are you?
I’m a photo and film hardcore critic.
What or How did you start blogging?
 I studied Advertising Arts during my College but I wasn’t able to apply for it at University when me my family decided to migrate here from the Philippines in 2008. I only found a way to express my talent through blogging after I joined a fashion community website, Through the years, it was really fun but nowadays I realize that there are other things that I want to prioritize. I am planning to do something else like outdoor activities, Japanese language mastery, travel and self exploration. I am not closing my doors with fashion blogging but I want to grow as an individual and learn more about what life can offer.
What have been your best/ favorite collaborations in the past?
I am the only blogger from Japan who is collaborating with Guess Watches.
I am also collaborating with my fellow Filipino menswear bloggers David Guison, Aj Dee, Paul Ramos. Each month we have the same concept to wear and post it in our blog and social media accounts.
Any future projects? 
As of now, I have no big project to work on other than doing my collaborations with various online clothing shops.
Check out the rest of his looks here.

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