Fashion is constantly changing, and thats why social media sites go hand in hand with a successful fashion career. The latest trends or ability to be the original trend setter is high. So when someone comes along and plays by their own rules and doesn’t try to be ahead of everyone else, just themselves. It is something to shared.

This comes to mind with Priscila Diniz, she not only sees fashion expression within everything she also makes use of wigs! Taking changing hair styles to another level and pulls it off beautifully.

Here is her mini interview;

Who are you?

I’m a intense women, with strong opinion and passionated with everything that I’m engaged in.
A person who likes all the things on my own way.
My personality gives me a diferent perspective to see fashion, you can use anything, anytime, trendy or not, this is your decision,
and its up to you to decide what you can wear or not. You choose who you are!
I also love to cook new recipes on a daily basis, and know a little bit of everything!(I love tv shows about science and the universe as well)
What or how did you start blogging?
I always love fashion, but I only can show my real style when I lost 70kg. Because before this, I could never find clothes that
I trully enjoy to wear, just clothes that fit on me…I did start my blog when I saw a lot of people who have inspired
me and help me to find my own style. After I discovered myself, I feel the need to help and inspire other girls to find your
style and fashion identity.
What have been your best/favourite collaborations in the past?
My favourite collaborations was with Nylon Mag Japan, It’s so nice to see that people around the world likes my way of what fashion is!
Another one, but isn’t a collaboration was when I won the valentines contest with my husband, I made the photos with him. It involved a lot of love, and he always helps and support me on my dreams. It´s really nice to win a valentine contest with my true love!
Any future projects?
I’m always looking for a new dynamic way to interact with my followers and inspire them.
This year my project is make a travel around Europe and create awesome photos. I also want to meet, in person, some fashion friends that I’ve made in different countries!
See the rest of her innovative outfits here.

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