I love visiting fashion weeks. I check out every collection in Russia when I am on MBFWRussia. I always have weird and freaky outfits when I go to fashion weeks. Most of people don’t really understand me. But as soon as it’s a fashion week, people understand me and we share interests with each other and discuss latest collections, art and celebrities! When I visited Fashion Week during the fall 14/15 season I fell in love with just few collections. They were really amazing. One of them was made by Marfa Fedorova. I was lucky to be on the front row. CcBLZ0HjNzE   I saw Marfa Fedorova fall 14/15 fashion show and it gave me a lot of energy. The music was dynamic and loud so we all wanted to dance! I saw her outfits and they made me think of the real art. Amazing hair situation and make up.  Marfa’s clothes is great. Maybe her outfits were inspired by 70’s because I felt like she wanted to show us freedom and silhouettes reminded me of that time. I instagramed photos from the fashion show and she found me. My outfit on the front row was really crazy – I had Goga Sabekia red mask, which was covering the whole face. Marfa mentioned my outfit, so we decided to collaborate specially for my new post here and on my fashion blog http://voguediaryy.blogspot.ru/ !   LXG2qN7S54o               IMG_2954   I love the feeling of wearing clothes I saw on the runway in real life. It’s always been such a dream to wear something exactly from the runway. All dreams will come true if you try really hard and work on yourself. I chose a location with no people and underground atmosphere. I wanted to make something really amazing. My photographer – Viktoria Sorokina, my crazy Russian with bright red hair colour took som great pictures! We were working for 4 hours and got really tired, but by the end of the day I had a perfect mood. Also, I got really inspired after wearing such awesome outfits and having bright hair colour – we used fake hair from Marfa’s FS. hJkFHuRdILk Did you mention I wore clothes from fall 14/15 collection in May ? But does not it look trendy? I think it was the best decision to use those outfits for the photoshoot because they were so bright. Cold Russian winters have another spirit, so I was absolutely right about picking Marfa’s fall collection for the photoshoot. You have to try this – check out every runway look from the collection you love and but this outfit. You will feel so great because you will feel like a real model doing her catwalk. It will give you confidence and happiness. IMG_2952KFm_Z-7hXXk