Today Ashish unveiled his tenth collaboration with high-street brand Topshop. This collaboration was noticeably different from the trademark sequins – this time, the collection has been stripped of all that glitters and replaced by LED lights.

The collection was inspired by the fictitious ‘Paradise Hotel’ and the designer even remarks “This collection is like my holiday fling!” The collection encompasses the London designer’s signature humour, featuring slogans such as “My room number is…” and “Please service”.  The collection has a stunning  90s feel to it- the LED backpack is a perfect modern take on the retro theme, not to mention the bright coloured racer back swimsuits complete with iconic light up trainers.

Topshop creative director Kate Phelan spoke of the new collection, saying “Light-up trainers towelling hoodies and towel wrap dresses make hotel style the ultimate look for summer.”

The collection pokes fun at the influence of vanity and social media in today’s western culture, featuring dresses reading “follow me @….” and Ashish has even created a range of dresses and skirts fashioned out of a towel. This collection is witty and imaginative, screaming out retro trends with an undeniable modern twist

Tshirt dresses  £45 UK Stores


Towels pack of two £75 UK Stores


LED Backpack £350 UK Stores.


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