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Ganor Dominic is a British footwear brand that’s been making heads turn ever since its launch in 2015. A good portion of their collection is available on LDC’s website, which features some of their most popular shoes like the Juniper White sandals pictured below.  

Ganor Dominic was started by two sisters, Kate and Anna, who are inspired by art, Romanticism, and Ancient Greek Culture. Sculpturesque faces can be found on almost all of their shoes, which reflect the brands desire to be unconventional and evoke confidence from its wearers.  

Ganor Dominic has become especially popular amongst celebrities like Keke Palmer, Clara Berry, and Lady Gaga, who wore the Apollo Marble heel seen below.

Ganor Dominic shoes aren’t just for celebrities though. Anyone who likes statement pieces and appreciates luxury shoes will love Ganor Dominic. Every shoe is handcrafted and made from locally sourced materials by Italian artisans in family-owned factories. It’s rare for a luxury brand to care so much about how and where their products are made, which is why LDC partners with them.  

Photos courtesy of Lone Design Club 

Written by Jessy Humann 

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