By Alexis Calcavecchia

Go-to pieces that embrace the everyday life of the Modern Woman are exactly what we saw during Gestuz Fashion Presentation at Copenhagen Fashion Week 2020. Founder, Sanne Sehested emphasized the importance of having quality, everyday wear to personalize your own look. The brand teamed up with the creative and talented Anna Klein for CPHFW, and the viewer was given an interactive experience during the presentation by engaging, listening and viewing many different looks in the gallery.

By incorporating the sculptures of Alberte Skronski, photographs of Tex Bishop, and a soundtrack created by Simon Dokkedal the viewer was able to find inspiration and interpret it in their own way. Classic prints and essential wardrobe pieces can easily be transformed according to your personal style. Many of the pieces can be mix-matched. You were able to capture and feel the synergy between the brand and inspiration surrounding.

“The collection includes so many shapes, materials, patterns and silhouettes; by showcasing them in this way, everything truly comes into its own right.” 

Creative and stylist Anna Klein

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