Nicole Kidman has gone domestic a few years ago and she doesn’t jump into just any film project she’s invited to. Which we think is actually good, because now every movie she stars in is like a rare candy that you enjoy even more from time to time. 2013 brought us the mysterious film Stoker when we could admire Kidman in the company of Mia Wasikowska and Matthew Goode, what about 2014?

Even better. The delicate actress we remember mostly from her stunning appearance in Moulin Rouge will strike us with her genius acting as Grace Kelly in Grace of Monaco. Could you imagine a better match for that part?

We mention that fact, because today the first trailer for the movie was released. The thing I’mbeing a bit sceptical about is the plot – woman marrying an honorable man and having to give up her passion, and then getting upset about giving up the passion. Well, I think I’ve heard that one before. A few times actually. I’m just hoping this will dig just a bit deeper, because right now it’s nothing new under the sun, and the fact that it’s a true story won’t cover the fact that it won’t be the first one in cinematography. But let’s not get too negative. On the bright side – costumes look amazing! This what we all, fashion fans, look forward to be impressed by in movies like that. I don’t think we’ll be disappointed, not on the costumes level.


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