It’s only natural to want to live a healthy life. You’ve heard that living a non-toxic lifestyle is a way to start, but what exactly does that mean? Non-toxic living means you are living a life free of harmful chemicals, from what cleaning products you use to the beauty and skincare products you put on your skin. 

The first step to living a non-toxic life is to start reading labels on your products. Unfortunately, harmful chemicals are a part of everyday products that you may not even be aware of. Check out your cleaning supplies, makeup, skincare, and hair care products. You’ll be surprised how many products are filled with these harsh chemicals. Here’s how you can start removing them from your life. 

Eat organic

Pesticides are a big problem when it comes to food, so go organic when you can. Certain fruits and vegetables are at a bigger risk of having harmful chemicals sprayed on them. When it comes to the Dirty Dozen, go organic. Alternatively, the Clean Fifteen is the produce that receives the least amount of pesticides. If you’re worried about the higher prices, shop at local farmer’s markets to cut down on costs.

Clean out your cleaning products 

Surfaces in your home may be clean, but how clean are they when they’re adding chemicals to your home? Kitchen surfaces especially are a danger zone as food prep can ultimately lead to you eating the toxic chemicals picked up from your cleaners. Look for natural cleaning products or create your own DIY cleaning supplies. 

Switch up your hair care 

Did you know that the scalp is 4x more absorbent than the skin on your forearms? That means anything you put in your hair can make its way into your bloodstream. Dry shampoo, which has become a daily product for many, can be a major carrier of toxic chemicals. Try trading in your regular dry shampoo for the Day After Brush by m’Chel Haircare. The Day After Brush is a dry shampoo brush that does not contain any harsh, toxic chemicals typically found in dry shampoo. Bonus: It’s not only good for you, but thanks to it’s reusable and eco-friendly packaging, it is also not damaging to the environment. 

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