What spurred the transition to fashion after so many years in the music industry?


Well, I’ve always been into fashion from dressing my artists to shopping for them. I always felt like I could design exactly what I wanted instead of searching all around for it. I could always sketch so I just started putting cool pieces together.


Which industry is more cutthroat, fashion or music?


Definitely the fashion industry. You have people who smile in your face but wish for your downfall behind your back. I’m learning to just trust yourself in this business. I’m a fast learner. Music is either you’re good or you’re not. Pretty straight forward.


How would you describe your own personal style?


My own personal style has always been edgy and stylist at the same time. The music industry has something to do with that since I was 18 years old.


Is leather a staple in your own wardrobe?


Yes. I mostly always wear leather jackets. I love the look and feel of leather.


From what do you draw inspiration?


Movies, art, also when I travel to different countries. I feel inspired and I always have my sketchbook with me.


If you could dress anyone, who would it be?


Boy that’s a hard one cause there are so many but Lady Gaga because our styles would talk to each other.


What is your favorite piece in your latest collection?


For my new collection called world war M, I just signed a partnership deal with Monster Energy Drink’s Java Monster which I’m the first fashion designer they have ever partnered with and I wanted to do something really edgy and post-apocalyptic world yet modern and fun so that’s what I did. My favorite piece in this collection is a big high square shoulder double-breasted leather and suede dress.


What words do you live by?


I’ve always operated on this: Nobody cares, work harder


Who was your style icon growing up?


Iconic designer Dapper Dan. Growing up everyone wanted a Dapper Dan outfit in NY.

Photographer: Karl M Lee Model: Cassidy Testa

Photographer: Karl M. Lee Models: Dana Quinn Melissa Pardo
Photographer: Marcos Vasconcelos Model: Cassis Castillo
Photographer: Frontline Media Empire Model: Kayla Stern
Photographer: Frontline Media Empire Model: Kayla Stern
Photographer: Frontline Media Empire Model: Cassidy Testa
Photographer: Frontline Media Empire Model: Catherine Jade
Photographer: Frontline Media Empire Models: Sarah Respass Dana Quinn

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