Have you alway found joy in browsing vintage markets? Or what sparked this interest in scavenging for vintage pieces?

Yes, I always liked vintage itself and vintage markets. I often go to different vintage markets and buy different things. Some of them just inspire me, but for some of them I find a mandatory use later in my collections!

Do you personally prefer wearing vintage pieces over contemporary ones?

I do not respect the Mass Market and products for which we overpay. These things are usually branded, they are completely uninteresting, dumb and tasteless! I prefer only vintage or my brand of clothes. Also, I support other young or established designers.

How does Soviet culture play into your designs?

I think this can be traced very strongly in my collection. However, I was inspired not only by Soviet Union culture! I just take the topic and reveal it in great details with all the nuances. If we take, for example, my SS19 “Swamp Glamor” collection, I have revealed both the theme of the swamp, flora, fauna, history, and the glamor itself, adding and combining all of this in one story. In the Soviet feast I like its colorfulness, so I tried to immerse myself as much as possible into the details and the idea, embodying them conceptually and in my own style. Therefore, not only Soviet culture somehow influences my work and I don’t only reflect this culture and time.

Explain your approach to designing sustainably.

We are looking for household items, preferably unnecessary ones, which people can give for free, because they want to throw them out, get rid of them, and we come up with an application for them, customizing them for the collection concept! This is the real sustainability in fashion!

What can we expect from RomaUvarovDesign in the future?

Only growth and development. We have a lot of events, new collections and plans coming. I want to expand on a large scale, to be sold in the coolest stores of the world and not to affect the mass product and mass production, but at the same time be a successful commercial brand, remaining true to my concept forever!

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