Priscila Diniz


Belo Horizonte born blogger Diniz has a collection of wonderful wigs. This statement isn’t common for bloggers, well the ones I’ve come across, but that is one of the many unique and interesting factoids about her and her style. Diniz’s blogging story began when she lost a whopping 70kg, not only for her health, but for her love of style and clothes that she truly enjoys to wear. She has a strong desire to be inspirational and follow her own path which is reflected in her versatile, innovative and edgy fashion sense. Her blog, Look at Me BR, is extremely visual and seems to be based on the principal that a picture can say more than a thousand words, take just one look at her photography skills and you will see. She is an empowering and inspiring women that believes in the power of self-styling rather than latching onto leading label trends.

Kiko Cagayan

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I am incredibly excited to introduce MESS’ first Philippine born Japan based blogger! After a gap year in Japan spending seven months working and travelling, I came to greatly admire the cultures sense of style, aesthetics and uses of layering. It is such a different vibe to the Western fashion sense I had become accustomed to. Even Kiko stands out amongst that general crowd with his laid back western flair mixed with the detailed eastern extravagance. His style ranges from casual chic to military to hipster to laid back grunge. His eclectic fashion range captured my attention and pushes Kiko into our top 10 FRESHMESS bloggers. We love a good MESS and nothing is more creative than a diverse fashion sense that isn’t afraid to go beyond the box.


Elle-May Leckenby

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Elle-May’s degree in photography and design shines through with her creative and artistic use of light, composition and on-location shooting. She uses her environment to compliment her look of the day with great effect. These artistic endeavors are what brought Elle-May’s blog to my attention, that and her quirky yet laid back fashion flair, have placed her in this article. She has a knack for portraying her fun and bubbly personality with her blog posts, making her writing seem like an extract from her own personal diary. She talks about her lifestyle, goes into deep and meaningful tangents and shares her songs of the week. This gives us a well-rounded insight into not only her fashion sense, but also a sense of her beyond fashion. This happy and creative nature has a wonderful MESS-Y quality to it that appeals both to us, and all of her other varied followers.


Faissal Yartaa

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Moroccan born and bred blogger has a nice mix of dapper, laid back chic and has a brilliant talent for beautiful graphic textile designs. The last comment might be outwith the norm, but there is something fascinating about a menswear blogger not afraid to experiment with textiles. And go with bold ones at that. This makes him stand out amongst the other male bloggers; this skill makes his casual laid back style stand out and aesthetically interesting. His blog posts take a keen interest in European based brands, and he gives informative background information on the brands, which shows he has a keen eye on unique or upcoming brands. This sort of passion for individuality is what makes Faissal a perfect addition to the top 10 FRESHMESS section and we are glad to share his style and journey with you.

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