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PFW Issy Miyake A/W 2014

Miyake has struck at Paris Fashion Week with earth tones and unusual textures. Outragous shapes and innovative ideas have never slacked with Miyake, showing her has clearly used his signature style for this year A/W. Starting the collection with deep blues and blacks, Miyake opened with ribbed, layered dress, in the pattern form with stripes, and thinner fabric at the bottom making the last strip a little more transparent compared to the top half.

The collection went on with a similar style, in tops and dress forms, with plain straight trousers. Instead of just layers, there was knots, twists and turns, a huge signature style Miyake uses. This wasn’t just seen as fabric distortion but also was used to print.

High necks are not something that hasn’t slacked for this year’s autumn/winter, so seeing them under Miyake’s garments was no surprised. We had small, square straight leather handbags, clashing with the detailed ribbed dresses.

The colour palette flowed from deep blues, light earth tones, blacks, oranges, reds and greys. Textures in the collection included mesh, cotton, fur and wool. We also had an appearance, of heavy large knits, a huge trend flowing through the past fashion weeks for this season.

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