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Think 60’s meet’s the 90’s in JS’S newest collection shown at NYFW yesterday.  Filled with bright floral prints, pumpkins, motif jumpers and well Shrek? However, with the help of one of the ‘outrageous’ stars at the moment, we knew this collection could only be just as wacky as the last.

Miley Cyrus has worked with Jeremy Scott with his collection, creating colourful, fun jewellery filled with beading, pomspoms, hello kitty and well.. bits and bobs to support his whirlwind of a collection.

Named DIRTY HIPPIE, the jewellery collection contained headwear, bracelets, rings and bracelets. During tbhe show a proud Miley Cyrus watched from the front row with mother Tish, cheering on the models as they walked past, finished by a walk down the runway with Jeremy Scott by the side.

One of the most perfect collaboration this year, we think so!







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