John Rocha AW14 LFW

John Rocha has impeccable taste and a unique romantic style, you can tell a piece of his work instantly. His collections are always a visual triumph, but beneath the extraordinary clothing that may not be completely working to a current ‘trend,’ the collection still manages to obtain that beautiful John Rocha essence that always manages to work so seamlessly and become fantastically successful.

John Rocha’s AW14 collection shown at London Fashion Week is definitely one of the ‘standout’ shows and a very memorable one at that.

Rocha had revisited his love of the work of French abstract artist Pierre Soulages, which he has married with inspiration he inhaled from the light of the Icelandic skies. The collection is an exploration of both of the sides of romance, the dark and the light. This theme is a constant throughout the collection, but obviously more evident in some pieces than in others.

The silhouettes were A-line or flowing over the body. His rich colour palette was also reflective of his theme, with the use of emerald greens and jewel-like reds. However layered peasant like skirts, were in an array of soft clashing greys. The skirts were between knee and calf length. Some of Rocha’s Dresses were full and voluptuous yet remained light and whimsical.

John Rocha is famed for paying close attention to detail in all of his work and the series of AW14 garments were testament to this. Oversized shift dresses were complete with intricately ruffled hemlines, while giant chiffon corsages were beautifully wrapped over and around the décolletage and necklines like roses round a vine. Embroidery and crochet worked perfectly with the delicate laser-cut leaf patterns that were at the forefront of portraying John Rocha’s signature style.

Structured coats and rounded dresses were paired with opulently layered organza head pieces creating stunning silhouettes and beautiful bewildering profile views of the models.

The John Rocha AW14 collection is undoubtedly one to rival this season’s looks on the catwalk. Although Rocha works to his own rendition of trends, one of the key themes emerging in the AW14 season is the experimental play on texture and layering of fabric and John Rocha has surpassed these trend in a beautifully imaginative way.


David Vassou



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