Lindsey Wixson and Sasha Luss for Chanel

If Karl Lagerfeld decides to capture the essence of his new collection himself, it’s usually a sure thing that the photos will be stunning. If the models in front of the lense are Lindsey Wixson and Sasha Luss there pretty much nothing that can go wrong. And nothing did!

The new Chanel campaign for spring 2014 amazed us with the clean compositions. The pictures look neat and spatial as the background is very neutral, exposing brilliant outfits just perfectly. Models’ attitudes seem a little rebelious with their hip, infantile hair-dos and gutsy poses.

What’s the number one accessorie? Chains and necklaces of gigantic pearls that surprisingly don’t destroy the delicacy of the looks, but emphasizes it. Along with the tweed and classy shoes they make the combination we love most – the Chanel combination.

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