For many years now we have been well acquainted with the virtual world through games and social media. Now, we are transcending the line of the unknown and uniting fashion and technology. Soon metaverse will not only be reserved for the gamers but also the high fashion industry and it is taking it by the storm. Feels like a movie, right? To think that we will choose our clothes from our digital wardrobes and flaunt some of the eccentric 3D garments. However, let that not surprise us, since we have been connecting to people mostly virtually in the past two years.

Credit: The Fabricant

The pandemic, restrictions, lockdowns, all we can think of that has changed our daily routines and perceptions of what is happening around us, especially in the fashion industry. There were no runaways as they used to happen. No models walking and showing beautifully designed apparel, leaving everyone stunned. But the changes had to be done and new creations had to be presented differently, digitally. The limits of creativity and imagination have been pushed to the limits and fashion designers have shown their versatility and ability in translating their designs into AR. Nevertheless, fashion brands are not quite the newbies when it comes to 3D, due to the fact many of them have participated in the production of accessories and avatars for the video gaming industry in the past.

Virtual fashion is seen as an advantageous business plan, and not only as an entertaining one, attracting many brands to monetize the collections in NFT, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Nike, Hermès, and more. Alongside high-end fashion brands, there are digital marketplaces (e.g. the Dematerialised, DressX) that are having their breakout, supporting the customers in the process of building their digital closet in the same way as their physical one. This kind of opportunity will encourage some people to get out of their comfort zone and start exploring their style in a way they do not dare in the real world.

Credit: The Fabricant

In addition to all the perks NFT is providing, sustainability fits perfectly. The whole industry is leaning towards being more sustainable and respecting the ecosystem. It is generating the most impossible designs which defy the law of gravity. Inventing unimaginable fabrics without having them tested.

Even though scepticism still exists, NFT is something to be taken seriously. Yes, of course, nothing can replace our reality, but to appreciate, I would dare to say art, is indisputable. The whole process of creating something out of this world has an unquestionable worth.

Credit: Hermès

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