How and when did you start the brand, Lalo Cardigans?

Well, we started in 2012. I had just made one cardigan for myself and everyone loved it and they were like “it is amazing, you should start making things like this, and so a friend of mine took about five pieces to Moscow and sold one cardigan for a lot of money. That was how we started, made an online site where people can order.

The first day, we sold the whole stock; in one day. I did not expect it. We went ahead to buy this place and we have about 200 people working now. It turned to a big company and worldwide. We were not ready but we managed it.

When you started, was it just you or did you have any help?

Actually, it was my sister who encouraged me and we started doing shows. The buyers requested shoes, cardigans and we started making them and it has been going well ever since.

What was the idea behind your design and brand? Why did you focus on Cardigans?

I had and still have friends in Tbilisi who are designers and I was looking at what was missing. I realized that it was knit wears. Most people made dresses, coats, and so on but did not really focus on knit wear. I wanted to do something new, unique and different.

Can you describe Lalo Brand in three words?

I would say we make casual, chic, colorful( mainly because of the history of the country. I wanted to make something with colors. I was tired of seeing black even from my childhood looking back at the history of war). It is hard for people to get used to the color when they are used to black.

Before you started Lalo Cardigans, were you a designer?

No! It was not a profession for me. I never went to design school, it was just something I loved and it worked for me.

Did you have a plan, or a sketch of what the future of your brand would be? Any plans that you would ever go international?

I never thought about that, it just happened.

Can you share the idea behind your success and passion?

I think my concept was/is unique. It was very iconic from the beginning, that is why I stood out.

What inspires you to make cardigans? Can you tell us what the inspiration was behind your designs at the Mercedes Fashion Week, Tbilisi?

It was nature, my country is beautiful and everything in it inspired me. Mostly nature, the first cardigan we did was in a village in Tbilisi.

What is your plan for the next 5 years? How much growth are should we expect?

I hope that the brand will grow because it has been nonstop since the beginning in 2012. I think we will keep growing.

Where and What countries worldwide do you sell in?

We sell to a lot of department stores, an example is Browns. We sell in the U.S, Europe: Russia, China and so many other countries.

Do you feel that the Georgian environment has had an influence on you and also your designs?

I think I am more inspired by the 80’s, 90’s fashion. I get it from movies, pictures, and cartoons. I always choose elements from these.

What is your dream as a Fashion Designer?

I want to participate in Paris or/and New York Fashion Week.

What do you think about the level of fashion here in Tbilisi?

I think people here are very stylish. I love Georgian designers, I am always happy when I see them doing something good and the great thing is that we support each other.

Would you like to reveal anything exciting about the next collection?

Next up is the winter collection. Winter is my season because i love knit wears.

I know it is going to be good, I already know what I have planned out.

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